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Drutopia Alpha 8 - Faceted Search, Dropdown Menus and More

October 23, 2018
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Drutopia is now at Alpha 8, inching ever closer to a beta release. Highlights include exposed filters for several listing pages, a simplified content creation form for content editors and important updates to the suite of configuration management modules.

Faceted Searching

It doesn't take long for a site to reach a point where the amount of articles or resources surpasses a visitor's ability to easily find content simply by paging through results. Filtering down results by topic or type helps users get to the content they're seeking out quickly. We've added Topics and Type vocabularies and corresponding exposed filters for the Article, Blog and Resource content types. These filters show up as soon as at least one piece of content is tagged with one of these vocabularies.

Dropdown Menus

We've improved our theme, as well as the Bulma Drupal project by implementing dropdown behavior for the main menu. If you have a sub-page in the main menu structure, the dropdown behavior automatically applies. Note that the dropdown only supports menus going two levels deep.

Updates to Configuration Management

A series of configuration management modules make up the backbone of Drutopia's distribution approach. Important fixes and improvements were made to these projects. Nedjo Rogers has written a series of blog posts explaining these modules and our general approach to configuration management. Here is the first in the series -

Next Steps

We are one issue away from our first beta release, which is very exciting. It's also important to note that Drutopia is configured to pull in the latest releases of modules. We'll be sure to announce when noteworthy improvements are made to specific modules.

Once the beta release is out, we're shifting our attention to the platform cooperative side of the project - working on the platform business plan, a membership guide and the other pieces needed for a membership drive.

As always, you can get involved by joining our weekly call on Monday at 2pm EST. See for details.