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Drutopia Alpha Release is Here!

December 4, 2017
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The moment many of us have been waiting for, and a few of us have been diligently working towards, is here. We've released the Drutopia Base distribution. In it you will find many of the features common to what a grassroots organization needs: a blog, events, and groups. We also have a few content types we don't see as much of, but hope to see more of: actions, campaigns and landing pages.

This is an alpha release so we encourage you to install it, take it for a spin and let us know what bugs you find.

Read Our Quickstart Install Instructions -

The Essentials for Social Change

Drutopia Base provides the building blocks for the features grassroots groups need to organize, inspire, and mobilize. Articles and Blog Posts tell stories. Campaigns and Events keep supporters informed. Groups and People provide faces and names to the work. Actions call site visitors to, well action.

We have Views pages for all relevant content types (a list of basic pages seemed a bit unnecessary).

This paves the way for additional content types as well as further enhancements and interaction between content types. Already queued up is a new Resource content type, associating an action to other content types and event registration.

Octavia - our clean, modular theme

We knew we wanted a default theme that looked good out of the box and was easy to customize. Octavia is our first Drutopia theme.

Octavia is named after black futurist science fiction writer Octavia Butler (and a nod to this 8th release of Drupal). Butler was a visionary within a visionary field - expanding what could be done within the science fiction realm. Her exploration of race, gender and the human condition paved the way for cultural forces like Afrofuturism and Emergent Strategy. We hope the Drutopia project too can bring justice-based innovation to the innovative world of free and open source software.

Octavia uses the Bulma CSS framework, (think Bootstrap but more lightweight and not owned by Twitter) to organize the site into sensibly described and styled components. Adding new components to Drutopia or styling existing components is straightforward.

A Foundation in Place

Much of the work that went into our alpha release was behind the scenes. We wrote helper modules to make the sharing of configuration distribution-friendly, contributed to the Drutopia Bulma project, argued over naming conventions and wrestled with default content requirements. None of this can be seen when using Drutopia, but it was important work that will make future releases go smoothly and help onboard new contributors.


As much as we love theorizing and dreaming (surprise surprise) it's exciting to move from the idea of Drutopia to the software of Drutopia. With that momentum we've turned our labor of love into a labor that is loved *and* funded. With contracts in hand and more early adopters joining we plan to squash the bugs we find in alpha and enhance the functionality we've started with. Look out for the ability to officially join Drutopia as a member.

For all who have contributed to the project, thank you. It's the community building around the software and the cooperative that really makes this work rewarding. We look forward to collaborating further.

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