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An Initial Release, Camps and Meetups and Drutopia Chat

August 10, 2017
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The project has really hit its stride, seeing the most active development to date. Check out the latest on GitLab-

Our top priority is getting to an initial release of Drutopia Base. You can follow its progress at-

Once Drutopia Base is available our baby one page site will grow up to have a blog, further info on membership and other features to help promote and expand the project.

Our first Drutopia-powered site is getting content loaded up and will be going live very soon. We are exercising serious self-restraint in not telling you the url now!

Drutopia IRL

In addition to building software libre for the grassroots, we've also been networking in person. Clayton spoke at DrupalCamp Colorado. Ben led a Drutopia meetup in Boston and has another one lined up on August 22nd.

Drutopia Meetups are a great way to collaborate in real time with friends and like-minded folks. Let us know if you'd like help hosting a Drutopia meetup in your city.

Drutopia Chat

If you can't make it to Boston, you can always join the conversation at There's a Mattermost instance there (it's like Slack.... but open source And as always, feel free to contact us at info at

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