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Drutopia as SAAS (software as a service)

A hosted version of Drutopia means all you need to focus on is your content.

Custom distributions

Drutopia can be used as the basis for a customized distribution for a collection of related sites, such as chapters of an organization.

DIY Drutopia

If you're tech savvy you can also DIY Drutopia.

March 18, 2021



It's been a long process, but finally the revamped site is ready. It's a standard Drutopia build highlighting what you could do with a Drutopia site for your organization.

April 27, 2021

Skins: a custom look and feel for your Drupal site without writing a new theme


In a recent blog post, Drutopia co-lead Rosemary Mann highlighted how to use Skins on a Drutopia site. Here we take a deeper dive, looking under the hood at the requirements the Skins module meets and how to write a new skin.